Year: 2021

Faculty of Architecture,
Design & Urbanism

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Sudor Festival

When we talk about Latin music, there is a common imaginary in most people. But music, like any cultural event, is dynamic.

It transforms according to the context and takes different forms. So every now and then, it's worth looking at what's happening and redefining our identity. 
Sudor is an emerging Latin music festival that seeks to bring new sounds, new artists and new proposals to the stage.
It aims to be an integral experience for the audience. So that when we talk about Latin music, more people feel represented.

It is a festival to move, dance, warm up, enjoy and sweat. That's why the graphic decisions revolve around this. From a color palette that refers to summer, to illustrations of dancing bodies in the open air and fluid shapes that transmit movement. All these elements and decisions seek to portray and transmit the essence of the event.