Year: 2023      Gut Agency

Art direction
Gaston Gual
Julian Amarillo

Graphic Design
Carolina Vázquez

Awards Cannes
Grand Prix in Creative Data
2x Gold in Outdoor & Print
2x Silver in Brand experience
& Activation, Creative Data.

The Artois

The history of Stella Artois can be traced back to the year 1366, from that time until now there were lots of paintings in the history of art with beer portrayed on them. We calculated the probability of the beet portrayed in all those paintings to know if they could be, in fact, Stella Artois.

We cross the data that we gathered of our original brewery and the history of art using the knowledge of mathematicians and historians of the Bellas Artes Museum. The probability was calculated based on variables such as the type of the containers, the golden hue of the beer, potential competitors in the area, the year of creation, and the intersection between the geographical location and the distribution of our original brewery.
We hosted all these data into an app that displayed the Artois Probability while scanning the beer on more than +300 paintings and counting.