Year: 2023      Freelance project

Graphic design 
Carolina Vázquez

Renders & motion
Gaston Gual

La Industria

La Industria is a production company based in Buenos Aires. It is a proposal that brings together the freshness and enthusiasm of youth, combined with the experience and learning of a whole history within the industry. It lives from the changing movement, the evolution of the parts and the innovation.

That is why the branding had to represent the disruptive and young essence of the brand backed by the experience of those who are part of the company. Fluid shapes were created to represent movement, transformation and constant evolution. In juxtaposition with the different rigid materialities that compose them, representing the history and knowledge of the industry.
Finally, the graphic decisions will focus on highlighting the images and audiovisual content of the production company, in the fluid shapes that make up the heart of the identity and in the use of bold typography, as the industry is bold in its way of being.